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어제 M86Security Lab의  트위터를 보고 알았습니다. Dancho Danchev가 사라졌다는 사실을요...

ZDNet 1월 14일자에 기사가 떴습니다.


오늘 아침 하우리 최상명 팀장님 트위터에 Dancho Danchev가 불가리아의 한 정신병원에 입원했다는 소식을 접했습니다.

http://www.dnevnik.bg/tehnologii/2011/01/17/1026425_ekspertut_po_it_sigurnost_dancho_danchev_e_nastanen_v/ (불가리아어)

불가리아어로 된 링크를 구글 번역기에서 돌린 내용입니다.

Dancho Danchev, an expert on cybersecurity, is accommodated in a Bulgarian hospital. The information was confirmed by two sources of "Diary", although from the hospital refused comment.

As Wired magazine announced a few days ago, he disappeared in September 2010 and did not meet their coordinates. Twenty-six year old Dancho Danchev writes for the blog Zero Day, part of the news site zdnet.com. His last post there is from August 2010

In early September sent an email to the editors of zdnet.com, informing them that the bathroom he installed listening devices. In addition, attached photos of the electric transformer and torn wires on the bulbs. In his letter Dancho Danchev said that the Bulgarian intelligence services follow him because he was recommended by the Attache in Sofia FBI expert on local center against computer threats.

Then keep track of Dancho Danchev disappear, but according to reliable source of "Diary" he hospitalized from December 11 onwards. It is now stabilized and will soon be discharged, our source said.

뭔가 음모가 있는듯한 느낌은 저만 받는건지 모르겠지만 아무튼 영화에서나 볼 수 있는 그런 정치적인 냄새가 좀 납니다.
(영화를 너무 많이 봤나 -_-;;)

아무튼 안타깝군요..

좋은 분석글과 제로데이 많이 보여주셨었는데 정신병원이라니...

마지막 글이 작년 9월 11일인데 이 날짜....참 거시기하군요...-_-;;

근데 하나 믿기지 않는건

Dancho가 26이라는군요..

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